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4.75 miles!! best work out to date!

on Thu, 02/04/2010 - 05:41

first video blog entry

5 days till the 10k!!

on Wed, 02/03/2010 - 06:24

Whoa! i cant believe the 10k is fast approaching! The good thing my running has improved and i feel really good when i'm out there running. i've cut down my mile time to 14 minutes and definitely feel better after running. The Basketball tournament went great even though i did lose in the first round. Hey the guy i played in the first round ended up in the final!! After the tourney we ended up playing 5 on 5 full court games, that definitely helped with some getting me to build up some endourance. Its definitely a different workout from just running, since theres jumping, defense, sprinting, boxing out involved when playing basketball. I plan to starting to play more basketball during the weekends after my 10k. here is a pic of the contestants, for those that dont know me i'm the one in the far right in the green nike shorts. Congrats to Brian who won the 1st annual basketball tournament.


2 weeks of Training

on Sat, 01/30/2010 - 06:49

i've been consistent at the gym, which is really good. right now i'm running 3 miles a day w/ some walking in each mile. but definitely feeling better after each run. i need to step it up and start running 4 these next couple of days. i'm not going to lie i'm getting kind of nervous! lol my family and friends that are running with me said they would stick with me if need to at the 10k. thats definitely encouraging. Tomorrow i'm going to try to go for a 5 mile run. i got a one on one basketball tournament in the morning and then i plan on going to gym to run like forrest gump w/out the beard because i dont grow facial hair lol. i swear i get the weakest facial ever, i'm not complaining cause i dont want to be shaving every day at 8am and 6pm. that would suck....wait why am i talking about facial hair?

anyways, i set up this basketball tournament and i'm glad it turned out to be this weekend. its going to give me a good workout a week before the 10k. All the blogs and articles i read they always recommend to add activities you enjoy and basketball is my favorite sport i like to play. Well i hope i get throught he first round and i do have to play the tallest player in the tourney in the first round and i'm not that tall!! i'm 5'8 ... maybe 5'9 lol thats with the poof i mean my fauxhawk. but yeah i'm sorry i havent put up pictures up yet so you guys dont even know how i look like. i have a couple pics before i started i'll take some tomorrow and upload by sunday. aight i'm outta here. gotta get some rest for the tourney tomorrow...wish me luck.

team husky heart

Marathon Training Update

on Thu, 01/21/2010 - 02:47

so its been about 5 days since i started training for the 10k marathon. i've stuck  to my normal routine so far which is about 2 miles on treadmill, 15 min on elliptical and bike. after doing some research and asking friends (thanks cynthia!) about marathon tips i think i'm on the right path to finishing the marathon without a problem (keeping fingers crossed). i also got some really good tips on, gives you a complete marathon training manual according to the length of the marathon. the only thing is that the training program for a 10k suggest you start training 10 weeks before the marathon!! i only have 3 weeks! am i done?

i'm not gonna lie i'm a little bit nervous but i'm positive i can complete, especially with the suppport and encouragement from all my family and friends that have signed up to run the marathon. starting this weekend i'm gonna start running 3 miles along with my other cardio workout routines. i'll do that for a couple days and add another mile. hey i'm trying to improvise a 10 week program into 3 weeks! lol but i'm also taking Cynthia's advice about doing a run/walk ration while doing long distances. this is all new to me so if what i wrote above doesnt make sense then i dont know what to tell you because its not making sense too me either.

well it seems like i'm on the right track. i'll post some pics of me on my blog so we can keep record of any physical changes that will occur as achieve my goal. other notes: i'll be posting video blogs soon, pictures, text blogs about 3-4 times a week. thanks

typical workout routine

on Fri, 01/15/2010 - 03:25

today i figured since i cant prob run the 6.2 miles should kind of estimate how long it would take me if i walk .25 of the mile and jog the rest. it came out about 15 min a mile. so at this rate i could possible run the marathon in 1.5 hours and thats only if i kept that speed up i'm sure it will be more. anyways i usually do some treadmill sprint the straight aways and fast walk the curves, helps keep my heart rate 160 + without breaking my knees.

then i usually jump on the bike do about 15 min at about level 1o.  but it was a painful 15 min today cuz i usually wear boxer briefs when i workout but today i was wearing regular boxers and for guys it can be uncomfortable when you're wearing loose shorts/underwear when riding a bike. anyways i dont know why i'm telling you this but thats just the way it is. so next time u see someone moving/adjusting their shorts on the bike you will know why...or maybe that jsut happens to me?

then 15 min on the elliptical. i do 4 min at about level 8 and then for one minute go all out at level 13.

total about 45-60 minutes of cardio. right now i'm gonna focus on cardio until after my marathon, then i'll start adding some light weight training to gain more muscle all round = more calories burned. i'll prob add about 2-3 miles for the first week on the treadmill along w/ the other cardio machines then next week go to about 4-5 miles on the treadmill. by next week i'll set a goal of how long i want to be running my miles before the marathon.


Redondo Beach 10K

on Thu, 01/14/2010 - 06:30

aight so i just signed up for my first marathon under the project 180. i got about 3.5 weeks of training. i dont think i've ever pushed myself over 4 miles at the gym. i know my trainer the Tank always wants me to do 5 when im on the treadmill but i end up getting on another cardio machine. My trainer brings the pump when he's at the gym, he's like robocop but better. Well now i better start running more then 4miles at the gym if i want get across the finish line on feb 7th.

the cool part about signing up for this marathon is that a bunch of my friends are running it. it will definitely help with the motivation and the extra encouragement i'd get from them. i guess this is my first short term goal, people always make losing pounds a goal but i think if i start adding different goals eventually it will all work out together. Hopefully Jhonny "talk to me goose" signs up, and Ponce said he will have a Junce meeting to see if they are a go.

Its super bowl weekend and we all know everyone pigs out on superbowl sunday, maybe that will be my reward for my hard training. wait i just got confirmation that Junce is signing up! now i'm really pumped up about the marathon. if any of you guys have any marathong training tips please leave them in the comments section, any help will be appreciated.

aight thats it for my first blog entry and it looks like we're on the right path to becoming healthy.

Project 180 begins

on Tue, 01/05/2010 - 03:53

i've started this blog to keep record of my journey to get healthy. comments, encouragement, feedback, diet tips, exercise tips and any helpful information is welcomed!

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