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Husky Heart Tee Launch Camp & Hugs NOT Cupcakes Online Boutique Launch

on Thu, 07/07/2011 - 17:57

Hugs NOT Cupcakes presents the official Husky Heart 18 Month Anniversary & Online Boutique Launch Party:

The first event will be a Husky Heart Camp celebrating the 18 month anniversary of Husky Heart health journey. The camp will take place at Mission Bay's De Anza Cove at 10am on July 16, 2011. This will be a fun event, nothing strenuous, everyone is welcome. There will be Husky Heart giveaways and I will also be doing an official weigh in after 18 months of my new lifestyle.

De Anza Cove:

The second event will be the Hugs NOT Cupcakes Online Boutique launch party. The online store will be the official distributor of the Husky Heart t-shirts. The celebration of the online boutique launch will be held at a location in San Diego's Gaslamp District on the evening of July 16, 2011. There will be most likely a free guestlist for the event, details are being finalized. More info to come on this part of the day.

We'll be giving away Hugs NOT Cupcake swag bags with gifts inside to the first 10 guest that RSVP and show up to BOTH events! Swag bags will be passed out at the launch party.

Facebook Event Page:!/event.php?eid=136645693082909

2003 vs 2011

on Mon, 06/13/2011 - 23:38

This past weekend my roomate German found a picture of me back in the day when i was in college. Yes, those were my college party animal you can tell by the picture. I can't tell you how much i weighed in that pic but from the looks of it, i had to be hitting the 340 range? wow...i look at my recent pics and can't believe the transformation i've taken this last year and a half. I am really thankful to all my family, friends, supporters for their encouragement. i really am inspired by everyone who supports me and always compliments my transformation, i really appreciate it. Also,when i look at past pictures it gives me more motivation to continue my journey to be the healthiest i can be. thank you Husky Heartmaniacs...

San Diego Rock & Roll Marathon

on Thu, 06/09/2011 - 15:53

I'm happy to say that i've completed my first FULL marathon! What an experience, i really can't describe how i felt crossing that finish line. But i could tell you what i did, i started dancing. haha yup, even after running 26.2 miles i got some energy from somewhere to express my happiness. The whole course was awesome...went through Balboa Park, Petco Park, Gaslamp District, Seaport Village, 163 FWY (slanted hill was a bit challenging), Mission Valley and Mission Bay/Fiesta Island. What helped me the most was training at Mission Beach & Fiesta Island which was the last 6 miles of the course. When i got to mile 20, i knew what was left. At that point my spirits rose and i got into a new zone. Another great moment was when i saw my friends Rudy & Danny who were about 2 miles ahead of me on mile 16 saw me on the other side of the course and started cheering me on, that was pump. Also, in the last 2 miles my friend Raul caught up with me and ran the last 2 with me. Raul later asked me if i was singing Eye of the Tiger during the last quarter mile...YUP, i was singing outloud when i saw that finish line!

 Sharing my running experience with others makes the experience even that more meaningful. Congratulations to Rudy, Danny, Hugo, Raul, Julian, Jim, Gorette, Christina and Martha that completed the full marathon. Congratulations to Roxy, Michelle, Nancy, Juan, Pierre and Eduardo for completing the half marathon. It's a great accomplishment that everyone should be proud of.

This was a big accomplishment on my journey to becoming healthy. This accomplishment has given me more motivation to continue to be healthy and reach my weight goal. What's next? you ask...well i'll continue to train for half-marathons as i will run 5 more Rock & Roll series runs this year to become a Rock Legend. I'm also going to start swimming to switch up my cardio, it's summer and i'm in San's the perfect exercise to start. Thank you all Husky Heartmaniacs for your support and encouragement, i really appreciate it!

Team Wolfpack - So Cal Ragnar Relay Video

on Fri, 06/03/2011 - 18:41

Check out this awesome video of Team Wolfpack's Ragnar Relay adventure. Thanks Shannon - Team Wolfpack Mom.

2 Days till Sunday!

on Fri, 06/03/2011 - 15:14

That's right, this Sunday i'll be running my first full marathon. The San Diego Rock & Roll Marathon is just a couple of days from now and i'm super stoked. I'm ready to run, in fact i want to go running right now but i cant. Need to be fresh for the run on Sunday morning. It's funny because I was running my last run yesterday and i wanted to keep going, it's like once i start i dont want to stop. Well i hope i have that feeling on Sunday haha. Training went great for me, i'm really thankful i had no injuries and no set backs. Got to thank Nike+ training programs for getting me prepared, now i just got one final run on that training schedule! Aight i'll be back on Monday to share my experience. GO TEAM HUSKY HEART!

Griffith Park Hike

on Mon, 05/02/2011 - 04:37

Last weekend I hosted the first Husky Heart Camp of the year at Griffith Park. It was the first time i've gone hiking out there at Griffith Park and i must say it was awesome. There are soooo many trails to do! Next time i want to go for a longer period and spent time exploring more trails. YOu can see all of L.A. from many points of the trail - Downtown LA, West LA, Hollywood sign etc etc....below are some pics from the camp.

Nike+ Pegasus 27's - HH3's

on Tue, 04/26/2011 - 01:36

time to retire my nike+ pegasus running shoes...just got my new pair this past weekend and ready to do some damage w /the new pair. My last pairs stats: San Diego YMCA NYE 5K, Arizona Rock & Roll Half Marathon, San Diego Safari Half Marathon, Ragnar Relay - Socal, marathon training and a total of 400 time to start on my HH3's ...what do you all think? they look awesome possom? i had to get them color coordinated w/ my San Diego Rock & Roll Full Marathon outfit ...yes, i do have my marathon outfit know what we say at Husky Heart "Look good, feel good, run good". boom!


Team Wolfpack - Ragnar Relay So-Cal 2011

on Tue, 04/19/2011 - 05:12

Could it be? yup, Team Wolfpack was by far the most awesomest team at the relay! I can't say enough how supportive this team was with each other. Not only were we encouraging but we had some kick ass runners that pushed through some tough legs. Shout out to the whole wolfpack: Lori, Kami, Autumn, Shannon, Cara, Erik, Matt, Bill, Scott, Hass, Parker, all inspired me to do my best on the relay with your encouraging words.

Van #1 def came through with their runs and Van #2, what can i say? you guys were beeeeeasts! Scott set the tone w/ a strong first run of Van #2 in the heat of the inland empire and also had the longest total distance of the relay. Hass, man you were a machine on your first were like Rocky Balboa in Rocky IV when he runs up the mountains full of snow, except in 90+ degree weather! Parker, was always ready to take the baton and killed his runs in extreme conditions. Bill hauled through his runs like he was  a pro runner, this was his first official run event and he ran it like it was a morning jog. Andy, our anchor...the killing machine! it was awesome watching him pass other runners, that pumped me up. he was just on another level and what's even more impressive is that he ran the La Jolla Half Marathon the next day! how beast is that? Congrats on the La Jolla Half. He's half man half running beast!

Congratulations everyone, we just ran a total of 200.9 miles together, what an accomplishment. This was an awesome experience for me as a runner and on a personal level. Also, thanks to Shannon for taking the lead on setting up the relay and getting everyone coordinated, everything ran smooth. I would run with the Wolfpack any time, any where, any race! GO TEAM WOLFPACK!

 More pics on my Husky Heart Facebook fan page at

Ragnar Relay

on Thu, 04/14/2011 - 15:50

I'll be participating in this weekends So-Cal's Ragnar Relay. I joined Team Wolfpack, who needed a substitute runner after losing a team member due to injury.  As soon as the opportunity opened i jumped in like a beeeeeast. This relay is a beast itself, it's a 200 mile relay from Huntington Beach to Coronado Beach. The Wolfpack team consist of 12 members, each member running 3 different legs along the course. I'll be running 6 miles in Corona, 2.4 miles in Escondido, and 8.3 miles in San Diego for a total of 16.7 miles out of the 200 total miles. I've met with two members of the team Shannon and Bill...oh i didnt mentioned that i didnt know anyone on the team before i met them, yeah i forgot to mention that huh? Well, Bill who happens to be my roomates co-worker was asking around at his work if anyone knew a runner that be ready to run the relay and my roommate mentioned me to him and the rest is history. We met up and they are two awesome people, turns out half of the team are UCSD alumni, my alma mater...seems like a perfect fit for a last minute alternate. I'll be recording, tweeting (@egrdigital) and taking pictures along the way to share with everyone....this is going to be a great and fun running experience. I"m really pumped up about it. Here's a map of the course...from L.A. to S.D. 200.9 miles

Running Shoes

on Mon, 04/11/2011 - 03:06

I thought i blog briefly about running running continues to grow in popularity, more friends have been asking me about running shoes. I tell them my simple protocol to follow when choosing your new or next pair. There's nothing very special about it but its the best way to go about buying a new pair, especially when you're new to the sport.  First i recommend to head over to a Road Runners Sports, there they can do the FREE shoe dog test to get perfect fitting running or walking shoes. After the test they will let you know what shoes they recommend and try out all the brands there at the store. What i recommend after trying them out is to go home and look for the best fitting shoe at their online store or other online stores because you will most likely find them cheaper.

From what i've read its recommended to change running shoes every 400-450 miles...i've already ordered my 2nd pair of Nike Pluse Pegasus 27's this year. I love kicks, so it pumps me up to run to the 400-450 miles as soon as i can to order a new pair...nothing like running on a new pair...

Here's a video from Yahoo! that talks about the trendy vibrams and shape-ups...from what i've read and heard, they seem like a fad to me...i will stay away from thank you! What's also important to read reviews of the pair you planning on buying...i had a friend who had bought the vibrams a couple months later he kept complaining about pain on his foot...after seeing a doctor, he learned he had fractured his foot...he hasn't been able to run for a few months now...i wont be suprised if more injuries occur because of these shoes...the way i see it, not everyone is fit to wear vibrams...everyone has different dynamics, so please do your research when looking for a new pair of running shoes.