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Personal Trainer Session

on Thu, 04/07/2011 - 14:56

The other day i got a free training session at 24Hr Fitness, they offered it to the people that took the bootcamp class...the trainer, Kristen, was really cool, motivating and all but i just dont feel like i would benefit from someone next to me while working out. I did get some good pointers though and learn some new workouts, so i gotta thank her for that. As it is, i find it very boring to do weights...i know how important it is for running and for fat loss while building muscle but i find it boring walking from machine to doesnt pump me up. 24hr Fitness should have more boot camp classes, i would do more of those if they were offered.

Marathon training is going great, thankful no injuries or any type of pain...let's hope i continue training w/ no issues.

I'm also excited to anounce that i will be participating in So-Cals Ragnar 200 mile Relay from Huntington Beach (L.A.) to Coronado Beach (S.D.) next weekend! i'll write more about the run on my next post....gotta go laaaaaate lol

Cycling Class

on Tue, 03/29/2011 - 04:20

So i finally gave cycling a chance...ive been reading many articles how cycling can help prevent many running injuries and the trainer at 24 Hour Fitness also recommended the class. I went in, asked the instructor to help me set up the stationary bike and all...he was very cool and very motivating during the fave was when he yelled out to everyone "if you're not going to put in the effort you are wasting my time and you should leave now" ...that is just awesome, that pumps me up...i was going like a beast one point i think he thought i didnt have the dial turned to the right and when he came over he was suprised it was almost completely turned to the right, meaning i had it on super hard...but then he completely turned it and that was tough...came out sweating like crazzzzzzzzy...i was soaked from my split ends to my shoes...i'm not gonna lie though, the seat was uncomfortable...

i didn't think i was going to make it through the whole class because of the seat!!! that thing is outta control...good thing we would stand up to pedal, that helped me a lot...if the instructor didnt have us going up and down on the seat i would've just done the whole class standing up! haha...for now i'm going to keep going to cycling class once a week...i recommend it, its a good change and good way to get some different type of motivation at the gym. if anyone is down to go next thursday to the class in downtown san diego let me know, i'll be there. it's alway intimidating going on your own, but once you go once you get the hang of it and you'll be back.

Also, i'm happy to say that i'm at my lowest weight that i can ever remember!! 215lbs ....i swear this is my lowest weight since sophmore year in high school...i cant even recall really! and marathon training is going awesome! here's a pic of me sailing this past weekend in San to you later Husky Heartmaniacs!!!

SD Rock & Roll Training Update

on Mon, 03/21/2011 - 05:16

This weekends 18 mile run, part of the Nike Plus marathon training program, was my longest run to date. Happy to say it went well, it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. Looks like the training is definitely preparing me because i felt good after the run. I actually felt better than the 16 mile run i had 2 weeks ago. I'm also trying to figure out when i'll be needing some snacks/food/gu as i run these longs runs. It will be essential to get the right nutrion during my marathon run to keep my energy up, so its important i figure it out these next two months. San Diego Rock & Roll Full Marathon is around the corner!! i'm getting pumped up as the run nears. Here are some pictures from the San Diego Safari Inagural Half Marathon.

San Diego Safari Half Marathon

on Tue, 03/15/2011 - 03:46

ok besides some traffic difficulties the race was fun and challenging. It was cool running through the zoo and seeing a couple animals here and there as i ran but i was lazered in on my run so didnt pay too much attention to the stuff around me. i was going for a PR, which i got but not the time i wanted....but i did end up running the whole 13.1 miles withOUT stopping! that alone was a great achievement. I remember running running my first 10K in 2010 and taking many breaks through the run. i was pleased with my performance at the Safari Half Marathon, especially with the hills in the course.

Right off the bat we start on a downhill and i remember thinking to myself i'm gonna have to run up this hill on the last 1.5 mi and set the tone for the rest of the run....then when i saw the first hill coming up i knew i had to kick in to gear, i knew i could do the mileage but was concerned how i was going to break my PR...this was by far the toughest half i've ran. i thought the L.A. one was tough, well this one had 2 big inclines along w/ incline in the last 2 miles...L.A. had nothing on king kong safari know that movie the hills have eyes? well this run was called these hills have hills final time was 2:04:44 beat my current pr on a tough course...i'll add pics of the run once i get them from the Husky Heart's a pic from the safari website and charts of the elevation comparisons between L.A. and Safari halfs.

Safari elevation

L.A. elevation

Full Marathon Training Update

on Mon, 03/07/2011 - 05:14

3 months till San Diego Rock & Roll Full Marathon and the training kicks it up a notch this month....the Nike Plus training plan started me off with this weekends long run w/ 16 miles...this was my longest run know it wasnt as bad as i thought it was going to feet hurt a bit but my rest of my legs feel great....i actually bought 2XU calf compression sleeves this week to help me out during my long runs. They turned out to help out a lot...usually when i'm running up to 13 miles my calves begin to jiggle like jello and i can start feeling sore at that point. But on todays run my calves felt really great throughout the whole 16 miles....i'm pretty pumped up for next weekends San Diego Safari Half Marathon...i hope these compression sleeves can help me break the 2hr mark for a half. here are some pics of me sporting the sleeves before todays run....i kinda like this outfit, i think i'll wear it for the safari half.

2011 Running Season

on Wed, 02/16/2011 - 05:29

Team Husky Heart has decided to run 7 Rock & Roll series runs...if you complete you become a Rock Legend by completed 7 runs in the one year. You also get extra medals for completed certain amount of runs, how cool is that?! I decided to completely dedicate my year to running and making it part of my vacations this year. It's going to work out pretty good...for example the Chicago Rock & Roll half marathon i'll be going a couple days before to enjoy the city and go to a game at Wrigley Field and a White Sox game. Then i'll be going up to Milwaukee to visit and watch the Brewers vs Dodgers...which is awesome because i'm a Dodger fan. So that will be a weeks worth of vacationing with baseball games and a half marathon...thats just awesome. If the sports gods are on our side they will schedule the Raiders vs Broncos the weekend of the Denver Rock & Roll half, that would be totally awesome!

We'll be ending the running season with a Rock & Roll full marathon in Las Vegas...i dont have to say much about how much fun thats going to's VEGAS! I hope the running year goes injury free, please keep your fingers crossed for total i'll end up running 6 half marathons and 2 full marathons...oh and one 5k - the Revlon 5K in Los Angeles on mothers day! here's a look at the Team Husky Heart running schedule...let me know if you're down to join!

Completed runs in 2011
Arizona Rock & Roll Half-Marathon – January 16, 2011 – time 2:06:00

Up-Coming Runs
San Diego Safari Zoo half March 13, 2011
Revlon 5K May 7, 2011
San Diego Rock & Roll Full Marathon – June 5, 2011
Chicago Rock & Roll half August 21, 2011
San Jose Rock & Roll half October 2, 2011
Denver Rock & Roll half October 9, 2011
Los Angeles Rock & Roll half October 30, 2011
Las Vegas Rock & Roll full December 4, 2011

Sick...Well i was

on Wed, 02/09/2011 - 02:20

was sick since last thursday, but i'm good now...i had to stop running for 5 days...not clutch...i was in a fetal position the whole time on my bed! and when i started walking yesterday, my legs were sore! lol...probably cuz i wasnt moving at all...i'm feeling better, just got a cough but i got energy to move around...did go out for a walk today to get some fresh air and all. I actually did some light jogging just to get my legs going again. I'll be back on the NikePlus training program tomorrow.

It did give me time to do more reading and found some cool articles. Here's one, Fruits Tha Fight the Flu. Which are apples, papaya, cranberries, grapefruits and bananas. I guess i'm gonna have to stock up with my fave more often...granny smith apples...that's favorite fruit all time!! Papaya is pretty know what's good, but probably not good for you? the papaya juice they sell at the Papaya hot dog stands in new york. thats seriously the best juice in NYC. This last time i was there i made my friend Sandeep stop his car so i could run out and get me a papaya drink....droooling....ok ok back to the fruits...yeah try to make sure you get plenty of these fruit servings to help fend off the flu!

San Diego Safari Half-Marathon in 1 month!! going to try to break the 2hour mark on that run...gotta step it up since i've been out of the last 5 days! aight i'm out

Happy Hour - the Healthy Way

on Sun, 01/30/2011 - 21:49

Yesterday, my friends and i wanted to hit up some spots for happy hour and i thought this would be good topic to bring up on my next entry. You don't have to be a gym rat and not have just have to be smart about your happy hour choices. We ended up at the Beer Co in downtown San Diego...which has really great happy hour deals and Ruby, an awesome waitress! I ended up ordering a glass of wine, which is recommended by Men's Health magazine, and 1 slider...for my 2nd drink i ordered a rum & diet coke. Remember, keep it healthy during happy hour!

"Order the red. It packs more health benefits and fewer calories."

the Best Lower Calorie Beers:

24 Hour Fitness - BodyPump Class

on Sat, 01/29/2011 - 20:06

1st of all sorry Husky Heartmaniacs i haven't updated you guys on my computer took a dive...yes its a pc, never had a problem with my imac for 5+ years...but that's a different subject, that has nothing to do with my marathon training...yes i'm an apple type of dude...Ok so this week i've gone to the 24 Hour Fitness Body Pump classes and let me tell you its pretty pump.

here's a quick description from 24hr fitness website: BODYPUMP™ is the original barbell class that strengthens your entire body. This 60-minute workout challenges all your major muscle groups by using the best weight-room exercises like squats, presses, lifts and curls.

What i've done is split my runs by adding the Body Pump class in between. For example, on Wed night and this morning i had to run 5 miles (non-interval days)  for my Nike Plus marathon training program. So i went in early to the gym, ran 2.5 miles took the class and finished strong by running the last 2.5 miles right after the workout. Maybe 24 Hr fitness should make that a class, call it the Husky Heart PUMP!!! I really recommend the class, if you want someone to go with you because you dont want to go alone just let me know i'll go with you! well only if you live in San Diego haha or unless Team Husky Heart is in your town. Oh also here's a video of the class  from their YouTube channel.  aight i'm out for now...

AZ Rock & Roll Run

on Wed, 01/19/2011 - 06:01

gotta give the Run Rock & Roll series staff and volunteers for setting up another fun and great event....the frozen yogurt at the end was delish and a plus! lol....hopefully they have frozen yogurt at all the future's awesome going through the cities and enjoying the scenery, getting cheered on and the feeling of finishing 13.1 miles...i beat my personal best time for a half by 12 minutes!! final time was 2:06:04 ...getting close to breaking the 2hr mark, hopefully by my next half marathon in march i will break the 2hr mark. Also want to give props to my friend Brian who completed his first half this past weekend and ran it in a whoping 1:56:00! Congrats Brian! hopefully you continue to run other halfs and enjoy this awesome sport. Also congratulations to Team Husky Heart's very own Michael for completing the full marathon! that's an incredible accoshpliment and he completed the full in 3 hours 56 minutes.

Congrats to all the runners at the Arizona Rock & Roll Series!!