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1 Year of Husky Heart

on Fri, 01/07/2011 - 06:54

It's been exactly 1 year since i made the decision to get healthy...i still remember talking to MVP bout finding a run and signing  asap...i ended up signing up for the Redondo Beach Super Bowl 10K...1 year later i'm -70lbs and running 10K's every other day...its amazing what you can do if you plan and make a commitment to make a change. It's been one year and its not going to stop...this is a lifestyle change for the rest of my life....the Husky Heart life!! Thanks to everyone thats been supportive and encouraging, i appreciate it. Husky Heart goals for 2011: run a half-marathon under 2hrs, complete a full marathon...LET'S GET IT!!

NYE YMCA Downtown San Diego 5K

on Tue, 01/04/2011 - 03:22

What a great run for a great cause, i'm positive i'll continue to run this 5K every year. Proceeds benefit the local low-income and homeless youth the Downtown YMCA serves. The run took place in San Diego's very own Balboa Park. It's such a beautiful park, i need to run more often there. I live a couple miles away, once it gets warmer i'll be running to the park to get my runs in throughout the week. Shout out to Nancy & German who also came out to run the 5K as well, great job everyone! Here are some pics from the run...AZ Rock & Roll Half Marathon in 2 weeks!!! let's get it!

Husky Heart Running Shoes II

on Fri, 12/31/2010 - 05:02

i finally got my 2nd pair in....i put about 450-500 miles on the Husky Heart I running shoes...below you'll see the before and after of the 1st pair. I'm going to make the Husky Heart running shoe as famous as Air Jordans...well hopefully if Nike eventually sponsors Husky Heart! that would be it is i'm already a walking Nike ad...i mean running Nike ad! but i gotta give it to them from all the gear i've bought, their running gear is on another level...comfort is the most important and their workout gear and shoes are def up to par...and it looks sweet...but it would look better with Husky Heart all over it!

BTW Husky Heart gear is coming soon!!! i know i've been promising, the store is almost complete, soon you too will be able to rock the Husky Heart on your chest! Full Marathon training is going good w/ the Nike Plus training program...i'm in my second week, got a 10 mile long run this wknd but first i have the YMCA Downtown San Diego 5K tomorrow at Balboa Park to end the year 2010!! It's been a great year for Husky Heart and 2011 is going to be even better. i'll write more about goals and the year 2011 on my next blog entry...dont want to bore you with all this writing...ok ok here are the pictures of the Husky Heart I and Husky Heart II running shoes!!

Husky Heart I running shoes - Before & After

Husky Heart II

Full Marathon Training

on Tue, 12/21/2010 - 04:25

that's right read the blog entry title correct...tomorrow i start my 5.5 month marathon training. I will be using the Nike Plus marathon training plan provided on I used their half-marathon training plan and that worked out pretty good. I'll be training for the San Diego Rock & Rock Marathon on June 5, 2011!! I'm pumped up get this training going...i'll be incoporating more core workouts and cross training on the days i dont run. Sorry i havent updated all you Husky Hearters lately, i've been moving these last 2 weeks but i'm all moved in...I'm also going to a different 24 hour fitness in downtown's closer to my new home. I'm going to miss the 24hr fitness in Mission Valley (stadium) but i guess switching it up a bit is a good thing. Here's the latest updated pic i've taken....

Update & Downtown YMCA 41st 5K Resolution Run

on Wed, 12/08/2010 - 03:43

I signed up for the Downtown YMCA 41st 5K Resolution Run at Balboa Park on December 31, 2010. This event is donation only. Suggested donation $10-25. Proceeds will benefit the local low-income and homeless youth the Downtown YMCA serves. It's going to be a great way to end my first year of Team Husky Heart running.... If you're interested in running it let me know or you can find more details in the link below.

Today i ran a 5K at the gym and did a mile in intervals. I was pumped up that i'm running my intervals at 7mph...i remember i was at about 5.5mph tops when running intervals. I'm aiming to break the 2hour time for the Arizona Rock & Roll Half Marathon in January 2011. I cant believe its been already 11 months of team Husky Heart running, this year has been going great and cant wait for 2011 to come. I have new goals and new challenges i want to accomplish which i will share with you in 2011!!!

"Hug your life, be healthy." -Husky Heart

Shopping for smaller clothes

on Mon, 11/22/2010 - 03:38

#FAIL the other day i wake up at my lowest weight since i can i'm getting ready for work and realize that my clothes fit baggy...on that same day 2 c0-workers mention to me how much thinner i look and tell me its time to buy new clothes lolol...i thought it was funny that it happen all on the same day...i'm at about minus 66 pounds, 11 months into my journey. Feeling really good about myself right now, all the consistent hard work is paying off. Its definitely a milestone losing more than half of my total weight loss goal. This has even motivated me to work harder each day at the gym. Oh so i decided to go shopping today for smaller clothes but the first thing i do is go straight to the workout gear section lolol its like i totally forgot i went in for new clothes, i ended up leaving with 4 new nike dri-fit shirts and 1 tie. I wish working out was my job...i'd be looking fresh everyday! aight Husky Heartmaniacs i'm outta here


on Wed, 11/17/2010 - 04:37

Yes you read that post title right, i was on vacation. But my heart was not on vacation!! I managed to keep a healthy....ok ok you caught me, i'll say semi healthy diet and managed to keep my beverage calorie/carb intake into consideration :) I actually ended up losing a couple pounds, the non-processed food i ate probably helped out a lot. I went to Teocaltiche, Jalisco - Mexico to visit family and friends. Below you'll see some pictures of the beautiful town, ranches and  family. I also had the privilaged to meet a fellow runner from Austin, Texas that was also visiting Teocaltiche. Najeli actually flew back to Dallas on Saturday to run the San Antonio Rock & Roll Half Marathon this past Sunday on November 14, 2010. This was her first half-marathon and she beat her estimated time by 19 minutes! I knew she would do great and beat her estimated time when she mentioned that she recently completed an Olympic Triathlon. Her final time was 2hrs 11minutes...Congratulations Najeli!!

Dont worry Husky Heartmaniacs i'm back in the gym working out and not depending on my semi diet!! lol been doing a lot of cross training at the gym lately. Here are some pics from my vacation, enjoy!

w/ Najeli

yup, thats me wearing that outfit haha

yes thats me on a pony took them a lot of convincing from everyone to get me on that pony

w/ my Grandma, i LOVE her so much

Los Angeles Rock & Roll Half Marathon

on Wed, 10/27/2010 - 01:56

What a run in the City of Angels, my hometown. Just a month ago i ran my first half marathon and i was up for a challenge to beat my first half marathon time. I ended up running the L.A. Rock & Roll half marathon 11 minutes faster!! it felt awesome to do better in just my second half marathon. My final time was 2hours 18 minutes and 11seconds...and this run had some pretty tough hills. Especially the last one right before getting to downtown...that one took me out, everyone that ran it know what i'm talking bout...had to walk half ways through that hill. I was really happy with my run, i ran the first 9 miles w/out any rest and at most walked .50 miles through the whole 13.1 miles. Again big shout out to Ponce for running the half with are some pics and i'll post the rest on the Husky Heart facebook fanpage. Also thanks to German from Pixel Beasts for taking the official pictures for Team Husky Heart (big difference in picture quality on the pics below, i'm sure you can tell which were taken by him). Next up is the Arizona Rock & Roll Half Marathon on 1/16/11!! let's get it!!

Husky Heart Camp - Cowles Mountain

on Tue, 10/19/2010 - 04:47

This is a must do if you're a outdoors kind of person, awesome view once you get to the top. We went up the mountain a week ago when my personal trainer Frank came into town for the weekend. He's the one wearing vibrams and doing push ups before going up. I dont think he thought it was a good idea to wear those vibrams on his way down the mountain lol. Turned out to be nice day for a hike. It's been getting darker earlier in the day, so I will most likely have more Husky Heart Camps during the weekends. I'll let people know ahead of time before setting one up!

Next up for Husky Heart is the Los Angeles Rock & Roll Half Marathon this weekend. Michael from Team Husky Heart is going to be running along to take pictures as i run and German from Pixel Beasts will be taking pictures along the course and be the official Husky Heart photographer at the finish line. Good luck to all the runner's at the L.A. Rock & Roll!

Husky Heart Camp - Washington D.C.

on Tue, 10/05/2010 - 03:58

During my trip out to the east coast to run the Philadelphia Rock & Roll Half Marathon we stopped by Washington D.C. and had Husky Heart Camp while visiting the Capital. We did a 9.5 mile run through the city, national mall and up to Arlington Cemetary. I've been to D.C. before and i've always loved the city. But this time, as a runner, it was a total different experience. Being able to run at 6am to all the memorials and running through the historical city was a total different experience. It was much more peaceful seeing these sites at the crack of dawn and not having to deal with the herds of people visiting. Being at the sites you can feel the historical presence of many meaningful figures and events that took place in the history of the United States. Here are some great pictures from the Husky Heart Camp - Washington D.C.