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About us

I started Husky Heart as a health journey blog in January 2010. I knew if I kept this blog updated I would be able to keep myself accountable to my family and friends. It’s worked out really great, the support and encouragement from followers has been overwhelming. It’s also been great for me to keep record of all the hard work I’ve put into my healthy lifestyle.

When I started Husky Heart I was weighing in about 310-320lbs. I’ve lost over 110lbs to this date and I still plan on losing another 20lbs to meet my goal weight of 180lbs. You can see the physical changes on my Timeline section, I always look back at all the changes that have occurred since January 2010. In the last two years, Husky Heart has grown more than just a blog of my healthy journey. It’s gained a big following from family, friends and new people I’ve met during my last two years of running.

Husky Heart has become a lifestyle, a brand, a running team, an inspiration to others; it’s become a way of life for many. It’s been great to hear that Husky Heart has sparked many people to live a healthier life and that in turn has served as motivation for me to continue strong on my journey. I love the quote that goes “When you aspire, you inspire” and I’m proud to hear that Husky Heart has been an influence to so many. Husky Heart has now become a network of inspiration and I will continue to strive to not only be healthy but to help others as well.

I’ll leave on Husky Heart’s motto “Hug your life, be healthy.”